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The Pirates of Penzance

by Gilbert & Sullivan

26th to 30th April 2011

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director - Simon C. Moss
Musical Director - David Manifold


Queen Victoria - Marta Leskard
Fredrick - Gary Nejrup
Sergeant Of Police - Brian Crosby
Pirate King - Paul Scott
Major General - Keith Swinford
Samuel - Tony Jones
Ruth - Hannah Field
Kate -  Rachel Prudden
Edith - Roz Edwards
Mabel - Beverley Whitaker
Isabel - Alice Wilman



Emily Samways 
Penny Lewis 
Sarah Evans 
Kirsten Schofield 
Samantha Halstead 
Sarah Lowe 
Lucy Wordsworth 
Rose Evans 
Faye Machin 

Deirdre Kincaid 
Pat Schofield 
Liz Nixon 
Sheryl Walpole
Mary Rose 
Fiona Hale 
Sarah Eliot 
Sheila Ham
Jo Scriven


Richard Schofield
Ken Shaw 
Dai Barker 

Arthur Kincaid
David Roberts
David Johnson
Paul Chesworth
Philip Wenham
Malcolm Webb
Robert Barton Ancliffe


Major-General Stanley leaves Cheltenham for a weekend at his country retreat, but his large family of daughters are a feisty lot, and sparks fly when they stray from Daddy and find themselves alone with a handsome pirate on a Cornish beach. His despicable crew, led by the Pirate King and his butler, are not far away and the local police force will soon find themselves way out of their depth as matters come to a head.

A traditonal production with many new twists, this exciting staging of Gilbert & Sullivan's well-loved musical will be fun for all the family. Packed with familiar tunes, big laughs and a cast of characters including the famous Stanley Sextuplets, this show presented by the Cotswold Savoyards is guaranteed to have you laughing and humming all the way home.


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